Splashball Water Polo Swim Lessons - 6-8 years


Register for Splashball this fall. This is a great way to improve your childs fundamental swimming skills whilst playing fun water polo games!


Learning to swim ‘the water polo way’ puts equal emphasis on having fun, learning swim skills and playing as a team!


Can't wait to see you at Water Polo practice!! 


Sunday Splashball (H2O) - 6-8yrs


Sunday: 6-7 pm


Location: H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre, 4075 Gordon Dr, Kelowna, BC V1W 4Z1


Groups: 6-8yrs


Description: This is a fun introduction to swimming and water polo. For young athletes that are not yet able to swim 25m this program will focus on fun activites and mini water polo games to develop childrens swimming skills in a shallow and safe environment. 


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