Each year members of the water polo community take part in the 2.1km Across the Lake Swim here in Kelowna.

Our lake water polo tournament normally takes place one week before the Across the Lake Swim in mid-July. You can find dates and details on the Kelowna Classic Lake Water Polo Tournament page of our site.

This swim is not only a challenging athletic feat, but also a fun and exciting experience for participants and spectators alike. With the stunning backdrop of the Okanagan Lake and surrounding mountains, swimmers are surrounded by breathtaking scenery during their journey across the water. Additionally, the warm waters and supportive atmosphere provide a fun and enjoyable environment for all participants, whether they are seasoned swimmers or trying it out for the first time.

The camaraderie and excitement of the event create lasting memories for all who participate, making it a must-do summer event in Kelowna.

Profits from the all Across the Lake Swim events fund the YMCA Okanagan Swims Program in the Okanagan to drown-proof children.

Over the years the event has sent over 16,000 children to swimmign lessons and donated over $145,000.

If you are a member of the water polo community then you can find information about the Across the Lake Swim for 2024 by clicking here.

2023 Club Times - 15th July 2023

Octavio Macedo Vasconcelos Guimares M10-19 00:25:48.0

Michael Weber M40-49 00:31:20.0

Mark Rogaar M30-39 00:31:51.0

Emily Epp F20-29 00:32:25.0

Alex Parrish M30-39 00:32:34.0

Jeremy Sanbrooks M30-39 00:33:48.0

Sean Johnston M40-49 00:35:48.0

Evelyn Barr F10-19 00:37:07.0

Mason Baughen M10-19 00:37:07.0

Stephanie Ball F40-49 00:37:29.0

Phred Martin M50-59 00:38:00.0

Benjamin Halsall M40-49 00:39:38.0

Madison Comeau F20-29 00:40:14.0

Amir Panahi M30-39 00:41:59.0

Nelson Chapman M30-39 00:43:00.0

Sara Gagnon F30-39 00:48:10.0

Kristin Smart F20-29 00:48:26.0


Across the Lake Swim

2022 Club Times - 16th July 2022

Benjamin Halsall M40-49 - 00:36:17

Sean Johnston M40-49 - 00:36:32

Gyula Bihary M40-49 - 00:37:25

Tracey Hawthorn F50-59 - 00:38:38

Stephanie Ball F40-49 - 00:41:21

Rosanna Maunder F40-49 - 00:47:29

Kristin Smart F20-29 - 00:47:30

Sara Gagnon F30-39 - 00:48:40

Across the Lake Swim