What should I wear when playing water polo?

When kids start playing water polo then for boys some racing trunks (either the long or speed style ones) will work well. You an see from the photo below that young male players wear a mix of different styles of racing trunks.

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The Estevan Sharks Bantam Water Polo Team playing at provincials in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Estevan is a community club and has the opportunity to play in competitions in Regina, Estevan, Weyburn and Saskatoon. Full Article: Estevan Mercury

For female players a fully body one-piece racing swimsuit is the best thing to wear. You can see in the image below that it is the colour of the cap not the colour of the swimsuit that really matters when you are playing the game of water polo.

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The team above is a mixed team of Regina Water Polo Armada and Estevan Sharks Players that Saskatchewan fielded in the National Competition League. This photo was taken in Winnipeg at the Pan Am Pool with coaches Sham & Ethan. Full Article: Estevan Mercury

If you are an adult player then pretty much the same suggestions apply. I would definitely not recommend wearing board shorts as they drag a lot and they can also give players something to hold you back when you are stretching out for the ball.