It's a great way to get your kids active and having fun at the pool or beach with amazing coaches!! Children are always coming and going with BIG smiles :) it's awesome and is truly unique especially at the lake in the summer! Highly recommend checking this swim club out.

August 19, 2021

Awesome swim club for kids aged 8-100! Get to play in different pools and beaches. Inclusive and fun coaches. Get exercise, clear your mind and have intense fun, without feeling like youre "working out". Try it out!

Barbara - Youth Water Polo Parent
July 1, 2021

"It all starts in the pool, all you need is a ball and the desire to play" - Linda Ciriani,  I couldn't agree more with this quote. For over the past 4 years of my life I never really found a sport I enjoyed; that was until I was looking at sports clubs in Kelowna that I could do, so I researched about what ... Read more

Ethan - Youth Water Polo Team
April 1, 2021

I enjoy water polo because I like volleyball and water polo is like volleyball in water. All of the coaches are awesome, they are great teachers and kind. It’s a fun way to get exercise and if you sign up with your friends it’s extra fun. When I first thought of the idea water polo I was not so ... Read more

Alex - Youth Water Polo Team
March 31, 2021

Ben thank you so much! You are beyond great and I appreciate your attentiveness and care in keeping everyone informed and organized. Thank you for doing a fabulous job!

Youth Water Polo Program Parent
March 3, 2021

Thank you coach Kristin & Adam for running fun sessions! Our girls are really enjoying this new sport! Thanks Ben for keeping us informed!

Youth Water Polo Program Parent
February 17, 2021

Great people! Very welcoming environment.

Myranda - Adult Rec Water Polo
December 16, 2020