"It all starts in the pool, all you need is a ball and the desire to play" - Linda Ciriani, 


I couldn't agree more with this quote. For over the past 4 years of my life I never really found a sport I enjoyed; that was until I was looking at sports clubs in Kelowna that I could do, so I researched about what water polo was and it looked like something I would enjoy, after my first class of the sport, I fell In love with it, now every Tuesday I solely enjoy the full hour and half of it and can't wait for the next week.


I enjoy water polo because it's one of the hardest sports you can play, and not one of the most common you hear about either and a substantial way to stay fit. Water Polo is also a prime way to meet people as well, and form friendships (Cheyenne and Alex). When I tell my friends from school about it they have no idea what it was, so I know I chose something that I could be different about than your typical high school student who plays basketball for example.


The coaches are some of the nicest people I've met in my life, and are very thorough through the way they teach the warm-ups and games we play. During each class, I learn and can do something new. In the last class, I did my first skip shot and got a goal.


There is a mix of ages through the players, and each one is capable of playing the sport and doing basic moves, passes and throws, no one is too young or old to play this astonishing Olympic sport. I'd love to ultimately be playing in team Canada men's Olympic team, when I'm older and if I get that superior level of skill. I can't wait to see where I pursue this sport with my future.

Ethan - Youth Water Polo Team
April 1, 2021