Dribbling & Passing Drills

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A water polo player passing the ball.

1. Dribble & Pass

In a water polo swim club you need to work on a diverse range of skills. Swim strength, speed, stamina as well as passing and catching accuracy.

This is possibly the simplest dribbling and passing drill out there for players training with a water polo swim club.

Each time the player swims they can work on their dribble speed, transition, passing position, pass and catch. A great drill to really get those basic skills and stamina in the water going as well as making sure you are swimming with pace and passing with precision.

We are planning to post some more drill animations here so if you know a drill and want it animated drop us an e-mail at [email protected].

Swim Club or Water Polo?

Why choose! If you are are looking to try water polo in Kelowna, a town in BC’s beautiful Okanagan, then drop us an e-mail. Many of our players also train with swim clubs too.

Whether you are a strong swimmer who has previously swam in a swim club like Kelowna’s Aquajets or the Ogopogo summer swim club or if you haver done some of the higher level Red Cross or YMCA swim lessons then we’d love to have you in the pool giving water polo a try.

If you are unsure when the right time for your child to try out water polo is then take a look at this – When Can My Kids Start Playing Water Polo?

2. Dribble, Spin & Pass

Build agility and strength in the water by practicing different movements in your dribbling & passing drills. Here we add in a spin but other variations could be added in this swim club drill.

Building on the basic dribbling & passing drill this variation ads in ball transition and then spin. The transition and spin help to build a players agility in the water and ability to move quickly in to the ready position and then back to swimming head up with the ball.


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