Eggbeater – Water Polo Swim Club Foundational Skill

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Firstly, eggbeater is one of the foundational skills that are taught by our water polo coaches in our swim lessons here in Kelowna. For players, practicing a good eggbeater builds strength in the water. Secondly, the ability to transition from eggbeater to breaststroke kick will allow players to improve their overall water polo game. Coaching these skills we will help our players to react more quickly in both defence and offence.

Thirdly, we know that when learning eggbeater swimming skills it is important to start in a balanced position. In this video olympic athlete Jesse Smith gives a good demonstration of a perfect eggbeater position and motion.

The video below is a great step-by-step breakdown of how to eggbeater! Great if you are brand new to the sport.

This one has a more scientific break down!

Most importantly, if you are interested in joining our Water Polo swim team in Kelowna we would love to hear from you. Please drop us an e-mail and get yourself on the team! We run water polo programs for both youth & adult players and our coaches can’t wait to see you in the water.