Water Polo Leg Day in Kelowna

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When you want to get a good leg workout in there is not sport like water polo for putting your strength, agility and skill to the test.

Check out this video for a great leg workout that throws a medicine ball into the mix to add some extra resistance to power against.

10 exercises for leg training with Medicine Ball for Water Polo athletes.
  1. Sustain with elbows out of water
  2. Sustain with 360º turn
  3. Jump holding the ball
  4. Throw up without dropping the ball
  5. Pitch up stronger by dropping the ball
  6. Sustain 5 seconds + swim sprint 3m
  7. Trunk swivel 180º
  8. Pass with both hands above the head (with partner)
  9. Chest pass with both hands (with partner)
  10. Waiter position with side shifts + jump