Water Polo Relay

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A water polo player dribbling the ball

This is a variation on a 50m swimming club relay adapted for water polo clubs. Speed, control and a ball pass at the changeover make this a fun relay to use with youth or adult water polo players.

1. The First Swimmer

The first swimmer will enter the pool from a dive and then receive a pass from one of their relay team-mates, turn and swim head-up front crawl for 50m of a 25m pool touching the ends with their hands. The swimmer will remain in the water until they have passed the ball to the second swimmer.

2. The Second, Third & Fourth Swimmers in the swim relay

On the changeover the second swimmer will dive, turn to water polo backstroke and receive the ball from the swimmer that swam the leg prior to them. They will then complete their 50m of head up front crawl, controlling the ball and be ready to pass the ball after the next swimmer has dived in and turned to receive.

3. The Winner Is

Obviously, the first team to complete their laps!


This variation on a regular relay doesn’t have to be restricted to water polo. It can be used in regular swimming lessons in Kelowna too! Things like pool weights could be used or balls that are not strictly water polo balls!